Bon Qui Qui, I recently lost, quit, was fired from my job at Christian Louboutin. I’ve been distraught and sad. Eating my feelings and trying to balance it out. I ride my bike to buy ice cream. Balanced right?

What do you suggest I do? Unemployment? Do “massage” on the side? I love you! – Jason

Dear Jason,

I’m sorry to hear about all your work drama. So what had happened you got fired or you quit? You probably got fired but you was “about to quit anyway” right?  ha! I know what that’s like. Well I would say to keep looking for another job somewhere just to get ya bills paid, but in the mean time think about what you really want to do with your life. Like me, I got fired from hella jobs and then I realized I wanted to be a rapper and I recorded my first  single, I’m a Cut You”

See boo, ya never know what can happen. Good luck homie!

Bon Qui Qui

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