All my girl friends have found guys that are cute & funny. I’m the ONLY single one in the group! It’s freaking me out because, even though we’re young, it seems like I’ll never find that certain someone. How can I get guys to notice me enough to at least take me out on a nice date instead of texting me for 2 weeks & then forgetting about me completely? – Bianca

So think of it like this, It could be a blessing in disguise that you are single at this time in yo life. Maybe You is supposed to be focusing on something else right now. Maybe while all your homegirls is busy being in love you could be busy starting your own business.

Then when you are a millionaire you can just go on that Millionaire match maker show. On the real, just be patient and the right dude will come along. When he does he’ll want nothing more than to take you on a hot date and knock your socks off. (but not on the first date. be classy) Tadaaa! I’m good.



Bon Qui Qui


  1. dj Xera, April 6, 2014:

    Girl ive always had a huge crush on you! if you’re still single I’d love to take you out if you’re going to ever be in the Miami area? hit me up
    Tony aka Dj Xera 🙂

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