Ruu Momma

Dear Bon Qui Qui, My mom is in her seventies and lives alone now that my dad passed away. She always wants me and my kids to come to dinner at her house on Sundays and holidays, but we hate to go because 1) she never sits down, and instead keeps trying to tell you what and where everything is, even though you can plainly see it; 2) she always tries to make you eat stuff you don’t want; 3) she always talks with food in her mouth that falls out and lands on her lower lip or the table (jis plain nasty) and; 4) she ALWAYS inarrups me when I’m in the middle of saying something!! She is so rude, and ruins our appetites. I tried to tell her about herself, once nicely and once not. But it didn’t do any good. What would you do? – Mia

On the real, all of those things you just complained about is gon be the things you miss when she’s gone. Clearly she old and ain’t gon change nothing. So why not with the time that you do have left with her learn to love her for all her good things and her bad/sometimes gross things. Yo momma aint gon be here forever so I’d say learn to appreciate what you got while you got it.



Bon Qui Qui


  1. karina, May 22, 2012:

    Such a beautiful answer. Thank you!

  2. jessy, September 6, 2012:

    for real thats all you are complaining about wow, my mom is psycho havent talked to her in 1 yr already and shes cruel and hateful and manipulative, ill take a lil food on the bottom lip and some annoyance any day, appreciate that is all you are worried about, stop being superficial and get her a bibb

  3. Angela, September 12, 2012:

    LOVE this answer!! True dat!

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