Mr. Right!

Bon qui qui,

I have a good friend who is going thru a divorce from a bad marriage with a loser and is now with someone who is a real nice guy, yet i feel she just hooked up with the first nice guy to pay her any attention and Im not convinced shes really in love with him. And now she in the comfort zone with him, meaning she doesnt wanna be alone and having him around or help with things is convienient, I think shes starting to doubt her relationship with him but is just so comfortable and also torn bc he is just “so nice” How do I tell her I dont think its the right guy and that she maybe should date to find some one to fit her better???


Dear SoCalBusyBee,

I know this situation and I know it well. You know your girl is making a mistake but you don’t want to say nothing cuz she gon’ get mad and take it out on you. The best thing to do is just tell her how you feel in a loving gentle way. Let her know that you care for her and want the best for her and unfortunately this dude ain’t it. He’s nice, but nice ain’t enough. Then tell her to put on her “Get’em” heels and go out find Mr. Right! Good luck.


Bon Qui Qui

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