Lonely Housewife

Dear Bon Qui Qui,

Why is my husband so mopey and boring all the time? And why won’t he help out more with the housework? I’m tired and work part-time at my girl’s school but he works full time and thinks his job is 100 times harder. I never get a break from my kids (though I love them dearly). Please advise.

– Lonely Housewife

Dear Lonely Housewife,

Let me ask you, what are you wearing while you clean the house? I would suggest that you start wearing a sexy little nighty or some cute hot pants with some bedazzles all over them…ooooh guuuurl and tight little tank top. If your husband don’t start following you around the house with a mop in his hand then he must be blind. He don’t need to learn how to clean he needs to go to the doctors and get his eyes checked! On a serious note, when is the last time you asked your man what he felt like doing? Even if it’s just sit and watch the game, try sitting with him and watching the game. Maybe make a deal to do something you want to do one day and then what ever he wants to do the next. Try that!

Bon Qui Qui

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