Don’t Be A Hater


I have a friend whose daughter is being played at school. She’s a nice girl, and real sweet, but some little punks put color in her hair and tried to shake her down for her piggy bank. Now I am a church lady, but I was raised in the ‘hood of East LA, and I’m trying real hard to keep my chola in the jar ’cause she can be real crazy, if I let her out to impose some street justice. Help me out BQQ! Start a “Don’t Be A Hater” intervention seminar for elementary, middle and high school kids. Give back and lift up! You were part of the “‘Hood Intervention Program” once! Gurl! Aight! Peace!

-Miss DA Kine

Dear Miss DA Kine,

Oh I will punch a little kid. Don’t think I won’t.  Some of these punks can be so mean for no reason at all. Now if i did you dirty, I get it, you gon’ do me dirty back. But If ain’t did nothing to you and you gon’ put some color in my hair and try to steal my lunch money you need to get dealt with. Like them “Scared Straight” programs on the Maury Povich show, except I won’t take them to a prison i’ll drop them off in my neighborhood and let them find their way out. In all honesty, some of these kids just need some good examples in they life and unfortunately there is a shortage of role models these days. I think “Don’t be a Hater” seminar is a good idea. Make it Happen lady!


Bon Qui Qui

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