Deep breath

My husband is driving me nuts! When we argue its actually just me talking the whole time he never responds or says anything back to me. I go off like a crazy lady and all he says well looks like I have something to work on. (Help I want to shake him!) – Inez

Inez, Inez, Inez, wait a second why are you going off like a crazy woman? That’s why he don’t say nothing. Cuz you saying enough for the both of youz.  Maybe you should just try taking a deep breath before you attempt to talk to him. Try to actually communicate with him instead of just gettin your point across. Even if he gets on your last nerve (and you want to strangle him) try to understand before being understood, know what I mean. Now if he say something ruu or you catch him in a lie or some heffer done called the house for him, then you can go off like a crazy lady.



Bon Qui Qui

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