Dear Bon Qui Qui…

I agreed to be a bridesmaid in my friends wedding. It was all going great until recently when she has become a total bridezilla. She has expensive demands and tastes, which I’ve tried to tell her will not work for many of us bridesmaids. She is not hearing it. How can I stay in the wedding without having to take out a 10 year loan? – Mary

Dear Mary,

I seen that Bridezillas show on TV and them heffers are trippin! I wish you would throw me some attitude and try to make me pay hella money to be in your ugly wedding. I will cut a hoe. okaaaay. Now I get that she is your Bestie and you want to keep being friends with her so you can do a couple things. 1. Suck it up and just give her a little bit a grace letting her be a jerk to you for a few months. Or 2, back out of the wedding and call her bluff. She either gots to change her stanky attitude and crazy expensive demands or you walk.



Bon Qui Qui

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