Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! This morning I wanted to encourage you, unlock something inside of you and release something great into your life. I asked God what I should say to all of you reading my blog this morning, and this is what I got.

I just want to speak a spirit of confidence and boldness to all the men. I pray that men across this nation would rise up and know their identity, that they would know the strength that they have and they would use it to love, to lead, and to bring about change. I pray that men would lead by example. Even if they didn’t have a man in their life growing up that spoke encouraging words to them, my prayer is that they would be the men in others lives to say “You are strong, you are courageous, you can do it, you are needed, you are loved, you are one of a kind, people look up to you, Don’t be afraid, you are powerful, You are not alone.” I want to encourage all the dreamers out there who have ever thought to themselves, “wouldn’t it be awesome if I could do that” I want to say to you that you can! why not? seriously, why not?? Why not you? Someone has to do it so why not you? Why can’t you be the one to create that, build that, be that, write that, save that, own that? You are the only thing holding you back from taking those steps of faith. Despite what your circumstances say I just want to speak life in to you. God has a plan for you. Not to harm you but to prosper you, to give you hope and a future. To those of you who are scared to dream because you think you don’t deserve it I just want to say to you that is a lie that you have been agreeing with for far to long. You have something great in you that the world is waiting for. You don’t need to have been born with good looks and money and fame. You just need to have a determination to be exactly who God created you to be and nothing less. I want to give you all permission today to believe in yourself. I want to give you all permission to dream the dreams that God has placed in your heart. He created you specifically and uniquely for a purpose. Ask Him today what that is. I’m speaking to myself today too. There are still dreams in my heart that I want to see in real life, not just in my mind. There are times when I doubt myself and what God is doing in me and how He is using me. There are times when I need to remind myself that I can do it! Sometimes I need to remind myself that there is something inside me that the world is waiting for, that the world needs and they are not going to get it if I just sit on my butt and coast by or if I stay locked in a place where the fear of failure paralyzes me. I want to be brave. I want to live at my full potential being exactly who God created me to be.

Happy New year everyone. 2013 here we go!


  1. kayla Rodriguez, January 3, 2013:

    Hi there! You’re coming to my home town Visalia and I’m definitely going to see you. But its My younger sister’s birthday she’ll be 15 around the time you come and she LOVES YOU, watches all your videos and I’d really like to surprise her with tickets. Do you think it would be ok or appropriate? She’s pretty mature but… 15 years old, I’m not sure? Please let me know soon so I can get good tickets. Thanks Kayla

  2. Kirsten, January 5, 2013:

    You are so talented. I know we’re not on your tour this time. But in the future we would love to see you in Tucson, Az. I hope you’ll be able to come here too. 🙂

  3. Surawr, January 8, 2013:

    I’m assuming you probably read the feedback, especially if this was written with the intent of it being read. I like what you said about men finding their identities. I’d like to add my favorite 2012 moment- I took a transnational feminism class to say the least i learned a lot about my self, as a woman and women. I also learned that the roles of manhood masculinity and femininity and how they are formed through our patriarchal structures. I think reinforcing men’s perception of their identity as a collective and the need to encourage their virtues such as fatherhood for example are needed and missing. I do appreciate the female jokes we always get a male perspective it is so refreshing have a real females perspective. Anje – thank you, for the laughs time and space. I hope you have a great 2013! diosa!

  4. Eva, January 8, 2013:

    My nieces who are triplets (2 of them are identical twins), absolutely love your performances. They have seen all your videos they can find online & know the words to your act. Not a day goes by that they don’t have some sort of joke or reference from your show. I had the opportunity to meet and take a pic with you in Portland. After seeing the pic the oldest of the three says if I get the opportunity to meet you again, to make sure I mention her. They turn 14 in January and I would love to bring them to your show in February. If I brought them down to your show in Visalia, is there ANY possible way they can meet and take a pic with you. They would absolutely be grateful, even if it’s for a minute.

    Thanks from your crazy loyal fans from GUAM!!

  5. Patty Hight Davis, January 9, 2013:

    Please come to Durham, NC! You have alot of fans here! 🙂

  6. Lindsay, January 9, 2013:

    Please come to Columbia,SC or anywhere close, maybe Charlotte. I would love to see you live. You are amazing!

  7. Natalie, January 10, 2013:

    I thought I saw that you were coming to seattle again? Are you not this year? Sad:{

  8. Martin Penaloza, January 10, 2013:

    Hi Anjelah. My name is Martin Penaloza and I’m an independent screenwriter. I recently watched That’s How We Do It on Netflix. You’re hilarious. I also love your performance on the movie Our family wedding. Listen. I do have an Oscar caliber movie script and I’m totally sure it will interest you. I do believe that you possess a high family oriented values. My script will change people’s minds. And I certainly believe, that you are the right person to represent a time of changes. Please feel free to either call/text at anytime. My cellphone is on 24/7 (714)833-2120 I live in Anaheim CA. Thank you in advance and have a great day.

    p.s. Greetings to you husband. He looks like a nice person too.

  9. Amanda, January 11, 2013:

    Me and many of my friends wait every year to see you in San Antonio Texas . I was just wondering if you would be adding it to your tour. If not we will be making a trip to Corpus or Dallas but we would love you here in SA. I loved your show last year and can’t wait to see u.

  10. Larry, January 11, 2013:

    Just heard a clip from your set on Pandora out of no where. That was some shit! You have to make a stop in Philly sometime. Don’t be scurred!!

  11. Maria sanchez, January 11, 2013:

    Hey Anjelah loved the music video nice beat. Love your stuff keep doing what you do best looking forward to more new things. have a blessed day

  12. David, January 12, 2013:

    Hi Anjelah,

    How are you, how was your Christmas, and how was your New Year? I checked your website and under the tour and saw that you don’t have anything in Houston. Are you planning to come to Houston, Texas anytime soon. I would love to see your show. Thanks.

  13. tanaya whipple, January 13, 2013:

    Hi Anjelah, when are u going to come to boise idaho???

  14. Dan Ortiz, January 15, 2013:

    I would love to host you in Saginaw Mi. I have a show for May 4th and would be greatful if you could be our guest in our grand opening at The Comedy Club. Providing good, clean, entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

  15. Jesse Gomez, January 15, 2013:

    Hey, What up Angela! Your the best comedian in the world out of everyone in the industry, ever. Great talent, and awesome personality. My wife doesnt know yet but we will be going to see you at your show in Feb., in Visalia. Cant wait. I’ve been telling her that I really want to go to see you live for a long time. And your finally coming to an area near us, and it happens to be four or five days before my birth day.
    Even though you dont know who the heck I am, its like a birth day gift from you to me in a way! Perfect timing!
    Thnx for your time, devotion, dedication, hard work, and patience for entertaining the world. Your very much appreciated!
    Sincerely, Jesse G.!

  16. Anthony, January 15, 2013:

    Anjelah I love your standup routine….it’s hilarious! I see you’re on tour but I see nothing for the East Coast? I live in Harrisburg, Pa so if you have a show in the DMV, Philly or NY area I can definitely check it out! Keep up the great comedy and always be yourself! Oh and not all black guys look past you lol…I’d definitely check you out if you walked passed me lol! Ciao Bella

  17. Ryan Davis, January 16, 2013:

    Hey Anjelah, I seldom listen to female comedians because they are almost always vulgar. I saw the cover of the “that’s how we do it” dvd and figured that the old fashon look was compensation for a dirty show. I took a chance and was so pleasantly surprised. You are so pretty and talented. I appreciate you keeping it clean. I am a pastor and the gossip prayer meeting is so True! lol Your use of accents is great. You have a new fan in me and I will tell others about you. I laughede so hard. I hope you have great success! God Bless

    Your newest fan

  18. Julie, January 17, 2013:

    Hey Anjelah my name is julie and i have a bunch of questions but the #1 thing i want to know lol is where you got your boots (that are in your photoshoot pics with the striped hooded shirt black skinny jeans and the worn out styled boots ya those ones i have been looking for boots like that for foreverrrr and i really wanna know like where you got them with like a website i want to buy them lol
    oh ya and love the comedy saw it on netflix now im an anjelah fan love the bon qui qui btw 😛 and your new music video its already on my ipod <3 GOD BLESS YOU AND MANWELL (Group 1 crew is my fav band btw too lol)

  19. Jordyn, January 17, 2013:

    Hi anjelah! My names Jordyn Reyes, Im from NorCal and im going out on a limb here but i have a big paper for school to write this semester and its based on basically a career of our choice in a field we take interest in and we have to interview someone involved in the career area that we want to write about and i find you SOOO inspiring and hilarious and i was wondering if i could please interview you (via email, skype, phone, anything really) for my project? You are my #1 role model, and you inspire me so much !!! i’ve been a fan of yours since i was in 6th grade. It would mean the worrrllld to me. Pleaaaaase help me out. I’m on facebook too. – Jordyn

  20. Pheap, January 18, 2013:

    Hi Anjelah! Ahhhhhh I just purchased my pre sale tickets to see you in Boston at the Wilbur Theater 10/19/13 it’s so far from now but I can’t wait! Your absolutely funny!! My first comedy show was recently,I went to see Jo Koy on 12/28/12 at the wilbur theater . I loved his show. I know both you and Jo Koy toured together in the past, will you guys be touring again in the near future? If so, please have Boston on the list. See you in October and Thank you for selecting Boston !

  21. Marta, January 18, 2013:

    Hi Anjelah!! More power to you through Jesus Christ who gave us life for eternity!! Thank you for being such a positive role model which is MUCH NEEDED this day and time. I love what you posted and I pray that those who read it, has a seed open up and blossom within them.

    Stay strong and “real” in the Lord. Forever praying for you and your team.


  22. Marta, January 18, 2013:

    BTW, when are you coming to GEORGIA!!! Last time you were here, I was unable to go 🙁

  23. Renee, January 18, 2013:

    Anjelah,I love your comedy!! Can you add more dates to your tour? If so, you should come to Rockford, IL!

  24. Tony, January 19, 2013:

    Anjelah, I have to say that 2012 was not a good year. But, your words here and your comedy give that flicker of hope going into the new year. Never knew who you were before today. You are truely an inspiration to others.

  25. Grace and Jill, January 19, 2013:

    WE LOVE UUUUU!!! U are so amazing at what you do!!!! Please come to NYC!!!

  26. Greg, January 23, 2013:

    Saw you at the HOB in Houston the last time you came through and loved every minute! Even my wife, who’d accused me of only wanting to see you for your looks, ended up laughing the entire time and begrudgingly admitted she loved your show. Changing a jealous Caucasian woman’s mind… now THAT takes real talent!! 😉

  27. Selvyn, January 23, 2013:

    Any plans for a show in Canada, Montreal area?

    Lovely place here! Even if we get -22F!

  28. Lolo Arevalo, January 23, 2013:

    Hi Anjelah!
    Big fan since I saw you on the Latino channel dont remember exact name of show but hey you were hilarious! Any chance your coming to Seattle?? Love to see you!! Got my haircut the other day by a asian lady…tactics were the same as the nail salon…made me think of you!
    Take care Lolo

  29. Kamae, January 23, 2013:

    Let me know when u going come back to do a show in Honolulu. We would love to see you and maybe get a picture. That would be amazing!!

  30. Letty, January 25, 2013:

    A huge fan ! Would love for you to make San Antonio part of your 2013 tour ! (:

  31. Dana, January 26, 2013:

    Hey Anjelah! My family is bringing my aunt for her birthday (who turned 50 yesterday) to your show tonight, Jan 26 @ 8 pm. I wanted to see if you could give her a shout out during the show, that would be awesome. We love you and think you are the best and funniest! We’re so glad you came to Mississippi!

  32. Dana, January 26, 2013:

    Oh yeah my aunt’s name is Sue Ann

  33. Rachel, January 26, 2013:

    Hi Anjelah…….I was so looking forward to seeing you February 8…..that was going to be birthday present from my family….and now I am so devastated because I have a damn business meeting from February 6th -February 8th and the meeting is in San Antonio and its three hours from where I live and I won’t make it back on time….just wondering when will you be back in Texas ….I would have really liked to meet and seen you…..BEST OF LUCK !!!!!

  34. Melissa, January 29, 2013:

    Hey Anjelah! My boyfriend surprised me with tickets to your show in Mississippi and we had so much fun and would love to see you again maybe in Alabama some where. This time I’m bringing my whole family because we are all huge fans. Laughter is the best medicine and when I need a pick me up I just watch one of your clips and it instantly brightens my day. Thank you for being you and being real. Take care!!! Remember to come to Alabama!

  35. Jennifer, January 29, 2013:

    Hey anjelah!! me and my sis-in-law have seen your show in Hoover,AL and in Biloxi,MS, and we actually got to meet u and take pics in Biloxi we love everything that you do. Can’t wait until you come back to Alabama or Mississippi we will definitely be at the next show that’s close by.

  36. pamela baxley, January 29, 2013:

    Hey Girl,

    I have been imitating you as Bon Qui Qui and Tammy for a couple of years now (sure I AM the only one 😉
    Me and all my thirty and forty something friends think you are awesome. Especially love that you are a Christian and keep your shows clean but hilariously funny. My kids turned me on to your humor and they are teens so YES, I APPROVE!!!!
    Please consider coming to Va Beach Virginia (Funny Bone, Chrysler Hall etc) we are becoming a hub. Would absolutely love to see you live. Congrats on you marriage. Saw your Y-tube bio and he is a nice nice man. You are truly blessed. Keep the positive vibe and praising God. Can I get a woop woop?

  37. Cierra, January 29, 2013:

    Hay I am A huge Fan And I can Sing To And I was Wondering if you could help me become famous 704-903-2449 Thanks

  38. Rudy, January 30, 2013:

    Anjelah, Thanks for the encouragement. I just read your New Years Blog encouraging men. I thought it was Great. Guys really need to hear that kinda stuff, especially from women. That makes a difference. Glad to see you are using your “platform” to speak a positive message. Words can hurt and words can heal. You really never know who might stumble across your words, and the impact they might have at just the right time in their life. Stay Strong, stay humble, May God continue his work in you.

  39. Johnny Landin, January 30, 2013:

    I heard you on Pandora and let me just say as a latino I always say George Lopez is my boy but you have a bright future ahead of you! The first time I heard you I was driving and had my buds in and laughed so hard I nearly rear ended a car on the freeway! I live in Washington state but have a sister in Riverside and I will be coming to see you there! Great impressionist, extremely Funny, drop dead looks… you are all that! Keep up the excellent work!

  40. Vanessa, January 31, 2013:

    Please think about doing a show in Syracuse, NY. Winters here suck and we need something to brighten them up! =)

  41. Esther Prine, January 31, 2013:

    Love it , Love it Love it. Just found out you are in Visalia on 2/23 (No available tickets). Will you be coming back to the Central Valley, California later this year?? I would love to take my daughter (She’s 34). Thanks!

  42. Valerie, February 1, 2013:

    On your tour are you coming to Arizona?

  43. Arwen, February 1, 2013:

    We all would be oh-so-grateful if you were to come to Missouri. Preferably, Springfield. But, even somewhere like Kansas City would do as well. Hope you consider…I’m sure it would be a huge hit!! Love you girl!

  44. Janette, February 1, 2013:

    When do you think youll be coming to Florida?

  45. Susan, Feb 3, 2013, February 3, 2013:

    I just want to express what a BLESSING it is to see a Godly woman, in the public eye, who is funny/positive/and unashamedly Christian! I teach at an inner city middle school, and I tell my kids all the time to put positive things/people before their eyes. I play Group 1 crew/LeCrae/Tobymac, etc in my class daily, I quote “bon qui qui” to get them laughing, and how AWESOME that you inspire POSITIVE behavior and thoughts in people! Be blessed in ALL you put your hand to…You AND Manuel! MARANATHA…Our Lord Cometh!

  46. April, February 3, 2013:

    Please come to Birmingham, Alabama.. I didn’t know you were here last time.. I would LOVE to see your show!!

  47. Melanie, February 5, 2013:

    Hey Anjelah,
    Super Excited to see you in Las Vegas in June…My daughter is 13 and Your BIGGEST FAN! When do the Vegas tickets go on sale? Is it possible to arrange for her to meet you, pictures??? She has No Idea she’s going to see your show!!!

  48. Anonymous, February 6, 2013:

    I would love to take my daughter whose 10 to see your show! is it ok for children?

  49. Lisa Newcomb, February 7, 2013:

    My girlfriend introduced me to your stand up etc and OMG HILARIOUS! I wanted to know if you are coming close to the CHI area anytime soon?! I wanted to do something fun and diff for Vday so if not we are going to Nashville in March! I hope your are coming this way soon cuz nashville is far!



  50. Christine "DJ Lady Spin", February 8, 2013:

    I just watched your that’s how we do video on netflix. I was extremely impressed with your talent and performance and your clean family oriented show. It’s refreshing to be able to watch a comedian that doesn’t have to be foul to be funny. Keep doing what you are doing! 🙂

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