Engagement Photo Shoot!

If you follow me on twitter or are my friend on Facebook You may have seen a post where I asked if anyone had an old classic car I could borrow for a photo shoot. Well that shoot was for my engagement photos and we actually found an awesome car to use! I got a few responses from some of my awesome fans who wanted to lend us their cars. We ended up picking a 1972 Classic Caprice loaned to us by the Tongco family out of Palmdale, CA. What we thought was going to be a fun and easy photo shoot ended up turning into the biggest fiasco straight out of a movie. And people wonder where I get my material from! The Tongco family was so helpful in driving their car out to the middle of the dessert to meet us. Right as soon as they pulled up to our location their car got a flat tire! Lucky for us, the flat tire went perfectly with our theme of, “Lovers on the Run.” Unlucky for them we had to call AAA to fix it because none of us could get the tire off! Those bolts hadn’t been touched since the 70’s and they weren’t coming off without a fight. The location we wanted to shoot at was this old gas station and motel that they actually use for big movie shoots. We thought being that we’re not a big fancy movie production we could just show up and take some photos for free. Yeh right, they wanted to charge us $10,000!! You’d think we would just give up and drive back home… nope. We set up right across the street from the movie set so we could still get it in the background! Ha! Can’t hustle a hustler. After getting our shots there, we drove down the street to a different location where we proceeded to get our car stuck in the sand. We tried pushing the car, pulling the car, kicking the car. Nothing worked. Then all of a sudden, an angel sent from above disguised as a drunk man in a ford pick up truck came to our rescue and pulled us out. PTL “Praise The Lord!” After a crazy day of big mishaps like the ones i just described to the little ones like me forgetting my engagement ring and having to turn around and drive back home and get it, we got every shot we wanted! We celebrated with the delicious happy hour at Chili’s and a nice hot shower to wash the desert off. It was an adventurous day that we thankfully caught on camera to share with all of you. If you don’t believe my story then watch the video and see for yourselves! After watching the video I think we’ll all agree that the big lesson here is, men… listen to your women. We know better. (most of the time!) If you have any advice for my fiance and I as we prepare to tie the knot, take the plunge, get hitched and shack up, feel free to leave a comment below!


  1. Maria, April 11, 2012:

    Laugh together a whole lot. 🙂

  2. Jailbreak, April 13, 2012:

    This writing has inspired me to start working on my own blog

  3. Rosa, December 6, 2012:

    Anjelah I LOVE you!!!!! Your ring is stunning? What kind of ring do you have???

  4. Katie, December 26, 2013:

    It’s sad but true, I didn’t realize you were married until yesterday! Ack!
    Anyhow, watched this and your wedding vid these past couple days, beautiful. So very happy for you!
    Love the videos. 🙂

  5. Justis, April 24, 2014:

    What liirnatbeg knowledge. Give me liberty or give me death.

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