Dream Job

Even if you are not in the entertainment biz, but live in LA you probably know what Pilot Season is. The guy at the Macy’s register asked me how my Pilot Season was going. At first as was taken back, “How do you know what pilot season is?” But then I remembered I live in LA so of course he knows what pilot season is, he’s probably been on an audition or two himself. For the rest of the world, A “television pilot”, also known as a pilot episode, is the first episode of a television series. The pilot is meant to be the “testing ground” to see if a series will be possibly desired and successful and therefore a test episode of an intended television series. (I got that all from Wikipedia) Basically It’s a really busy time for us actors. The pilot season goes from Feb-April which is why you may have noticed from my calendar that I took most of that time off of touring with my stand up to be here in LA for auditions. I have read so many scripts in the past 2 months that my brain hurts. I would receive about 4-6 scripts to read in a week and prepare auditions. This is how my schedule would go: Monday Read scripts, practice lines, Tuesday: be an FBI agent. Wednesday: Be a skanky baby sitter. Thursday: Call back for the FBI agent, but don’t get it mixed up with skanky baby sitter. Friday: You didn’t book either of those roles so now start reading the script for the Blind Pianist. It’s crazy! It’s been exhausting and challenging but fun. If I could pick my dream role, I would pick a funny Sandra Bullock character like in Miss Congeniality and mix it with a Michelle Rodriguez tough action chick! I wonder what other people see themselves as. When I was younger I wanted to be everything when I grew up. I wanted to be a lawyer, a teacher, a detective etc. I thought if I were an actress I could be all of those things. And then during pilot season, I was. . . for about 5 mins each in an audition room in front of a casting director and a video camera. Not exactly how I thought it would be, but I guess I’m living the dream! Haha! I wonder what other people wanted to be when they were younger. Did anyone else want to solve crimes like me? Do some people grow up loving teeth and really want to be a dentist? At what age do people change this goal? If you could stop what you are doing right now and do anything else, what would that be? Maybe you are living your dream…How did you make it happen?


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