Criminal Minds

Why am I so obsessed with the TV show Criminal Minds? It’s not only that show, but Law & Order (all of them), The First 48, CSI… I’m not sure what it is about these shows that keeps me hooked. Maybe I like seeing the bad guy get caught in the end. Although sometimes the bad guy doesn’t even get caught! Maybe it’s that “DONG DONG” theme of Law & Order which is so familiar. But all those other shows don’t have that. So maybe it’s the stories. Criminal Minds to me is what Days of Our Lives was to my mom back in the day. They’re so dramatic and entertaining and every now and then there’s an evil twin. You would think that after watching all these shows about killers I would be afraid to stay in a hotel room by myself every weekend, but believe it or not these are the shows that I fall asleep to at night (only in my hotel rooms, I don’t watch tv in my room at home because I’d never get out of bed)!  If I don’t have the “ion” channel in my hotel room playing back to back episodes of Criminal Minds or the A&E channel I don’t know what to do. Count sheep? I’d rather count the forensic  vidence. I’ve even searched online for websites that will play episodes if my tv doesn’t deliver the goods. Even if I’ve seen the episode before (which is usually the case) I’ll sit there and watch it again. Or I’ll leave it on in the back ground while I’m doing other stuff, just so I know it’s on. I guess it’s my dramatic safety blanket. I recently had the opportunity to work with Pagent Brewster who plays Emily Prentice on Criminal minds. That was cool. I may need a crime TV intervention. Speaking of which, that is another good show on the A&E channel, “Intervention.” It documents addicts that are given an intervention by their family and friends. (I know a few people that I want to put on that show.)  If my family plans a “reunion” anytime soon, I’ll be on my toes. If you could only watch one show for the rest of your life what would it be?


  1. Alicia, May 6, 2012:

    For me it would probably be glee idk y!

  2. Jon Z, May 7, 2012:

    Angelah, Please come to Pittsburgh, Pa… YOU ARE THE SHIT GIRL…

  3. Kerri, May 7, 2012:

    Since you’re one of my favorite comedians ever (and I’m grateful for my daughter introducing me to your work, but quite frankly her ongoing habit of popping a finger up at me and exclaiming RUDE! when she doesn’t like something as in maybe I asked her to wash the dishes, is getting a bit old (but adorable none the less) I have to say finding out you are a Criminal Minds freak too, provides me comfort since I thought I was alone out here in my addiction… and therefore I’m willing to forgive you for teaching her that! Seriously though living with my daughter is almost like being in one of your shows with all the characters she “does” of yours…and we both laugh together for no apparent reason when we go to get our nails done at A Nail Place, with Linda and….Tammy. She really needs to go into standup….she’d be amazing but since she isn’t currently willing, I am doing it instaed! Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll get good enough our professional paths will cross and we will work together, but until then I will remain a huge fan and wish you nothing but continued success and happiness in life!!

  4. Kerri, May 7, 2012:

    crap I meant to answer your actual question (squirrel) but if I could only watch one show for the rest of my life I’d just shoot myself I think. I currently am completely addicted to Breaking Bad (had a girlfriend up for a second call back so I watched one episode to help her with her character, and I had all three seasons done in under a month after that!) but there is only so far I’m afraid they are going to be able to take a main character with terminal lung cancer (unless they maybe allow him to find his own freakish cure since he is a scientist and all, who knows) and the messes going down with the drug dealers and the cartel will get redundant after a while, so nothing comes to mind other than say something that will never run out of topics like SNL. The shows from the past that I miss greatly are Thirtysomething, ER, (the early years)Northern Exposure, very heavily character driven shows…I “missed” them when they were gone!

  5. Edgar Navarrete, May 8, 2012:

    when are you going to perform in the chicago area.

  6. Keisha - and yes I'm a white chick, May 8, 2012:

    Girl please come over to the east coast around Greenville or Spartanburg SC. My daughter loves you and I’d love to surprise her by taking her to one of your shows. She can sound just like you, shes only 16 and i had never heard of you until she started talking the Bon Qui Qui Burger King thang. Thanks so much and God Bless.

  7. Jen, May 8, 2012:

    Awwww I love all those shows also, my favorite LAW & ORDER:SVU! I’m actually watching right now all the seasons on Netflix ^_^ I’m so addicted and can stay home all day watching!

  8. Tanya, May 8, 2012:

    I’m addicted to all those shows too. I even watch reruns of First 48 on Netflix.

  9. Adrianne, May 8, 2012:

    Criminal Minds is addicting! My fiancee even calls me out when watching recorded shows on our DVR right before the holidays. “You’re going to have a marathon (recorded shows) before the actual marathon (holiday marathon)?” Its scared me to a point where I couldn’t shower when I was home by myself, yet I still watch it! My favorite is when Prentis was framed to have died and what the team went through the next few episodes after that. Oh, and the one where cutie Spencer Reid flirts with the actress too! The pool scene was hot! Lol. Anyways, its nice to hear that I am not the only one going addicted here…

  10. Adela, May 8, 2012:

    I recently finished watching all 12 seasons of Law & Order SVU on Netflix!!! It was bad I think at times I found myself feeling like I personally knew Elliot and Olivia haha. I am also addicted to the show SNAPPED on the lifetime channel and if they ever have a snapped marathon on a Saturday that will be a whole day wasted on TV for me!!! I’m a big fan!! I even get told I look like you which I always take as a huge compliment!!!

  11. Lyndsey, May 9, 2012:

    Ive watched Law and order SVU and the original. Honestly i personally can only watch those two. Mostly because i started watching SVU first and decided why not lets see where all these Law and orders started from. 😀 Ive watched a few Criminal minds episodes and its a great show but can not bring myself to watch CSI cant do it. lol

  12. Shauna, May 11, 2012:

    Can you PLEASE come to Phoenix, AZ?!? My entire family would come to the show! I absolutely love you! Can’t wait to get ur shirts! <3

  13. Kaylapaige, May 13, 2012:

    I LOVE those crime shows too! its an addiction and obsession. my all time favorite is CSI:Miami.

  14. Claudia, May 14, 2012:

    Can we get The “That’s How we do it” pic on a woman’s T-shirt??? For those of us who aren’t lesbians??? I love the Rosie the Riveter figure, but…

  15. Erica, May 15, 2012:

    Hi,i’m Erica 10 years old and im having boyfriend problems. Everyone in school is saying he’s cheating! I asked him about it and he didn’t answer he says to stop believing everyone. The problem is that EVERYONE is saying it. I could understand if it was one or two people or some friends,but really the whole 5th grade? I’m starting to second guess myself about being with him. I really need some advise! Thanks,Erica!!!!!

  16. Cristy, May 15, 2012:

    Since you are hooked to Crime/forensics shows; you should check out the drama series “Scandal”.

  17. Mary acevedo, May 15, 2012:

    I love Crimmal minds and Law and order , another season of watching them and I will be. Ready to fight crime !! Lol

  18. Yolie, May 16, 2012:

    Hey Anjelah! ok So didn’t knwwhy to leave this so I’m planting it right there. Tell theagents who book your shows that it is safe to book in Atlantic City NJ or Philadelphia (minus what they say on the news… totally safe.) lol you have a pretty strong fan base so it should do good!!!

  19. Arturo Dominguez, May 17, 2012:

    Anjela!! You’re very beautiful, you really are. Just wanted to say that, take care, be safe(:

  20. Vanessa (VDAWG!), May 20, 2012:

    Anjelah! Hey girl hey! My name is Vanessa and I am a HUGE fan of yours! I plan to see you when you come to Tampa in September. I’m soooo stoked! I love the fact that you are SO funny! I truly admire you. I can honestly say, you are my FAVORITE comedian. I admire you! Everyone knows I’m the Bon Qui Qui of Bradenton…lol.
    I also listen to Group One Crew (; They are amazing. I pray you continue to have a lot of success and I pray showers of blessings over your life!

    P.S. “If you rude imma cut!”

  21. Vanessa (VDAWG!), May 20, 2012:

    lol, sorry for saying I admire you twice! Obviously, I really do…lol.

  22. Vickie, May 22, 2012:

    Bones, The Finder, NCIS, and NCIS LA – but I like the other ‘criminal’ shows too!

  23. Trish, May 22, 2012:

    Wools I would have to pick just one!?!??! I can’t I can narrow it down to 2 and that would be “the first 48” & CSI:Miami… I love the both of them!!!!! And I do the same thing, leave them on while I do other things around the house, just to know they are on. Well at least when I’m home. And yes it is very true about it being “days of our lives ” to my mother as well … That was her show!!!! That and “Dynasty” before it ended… She even got me into “Days…” for a lil bit then we both were into “Passions” but I stopped in junior yr of HS … I love Investigation Discovery as well bc just like A&E they play old eps. Of “48” … Btw LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!!! =]

  24. Midi Ramos, May 23, 2012:

    Angela what happened to including South FL in your tour 🙁 we love you down here woman! Hope to make to Orlando or Tampa at least. Next time please come visit us down here in South FLA 🙂 Love ya!

  25. Kimberley Smith, May 24, 2012:

    Have you planned to or will you come to Dallas, TX?

  26. elizabeth, May 25, 2012:

    bones, because it is so captivating! i always think that i want to be just like bones but then i relieve i only want to watch it 4 the rest of my life!

  27. Douglas Slaughter, May 28, 2012:

    This man has dirty draws on his head. Love it. What you think about this video (Youtube-Dirty Draws the Hook)

  28. Victoria, May 29, 2012:

    ‘sup? I am such a huuuge fan of yours!!! You are so funny, especially when you crack one of your accents. Hilarious! If I had to pick only one show, it would actually be a japanese anime show. I really like those. It’s called Special A. But if you mean an American show, then it would be Animal Planet. LOVE that show!! 🙂

  29. latia, May 29, 2012:

    When is the next time that you will be on tour in Washington d.c. Area again. You were awesome and my friends were crying with laughter.

  30. Teddi, May 29, 2012:

    I think you need to do an episode of Criminal Minds. Your agent needs to find out who the casting director is and you can get a gig playing a really bad person. How about a serial killer who offs people from town to town. Someone who doesn’t laugh at her jokes or heckles!!!

  31. myranda granda, May 29, 2012:

    My favorite show is stargate sg-1. Love love loved it. Could watch that show every time its on. I’m a big sci fi nerd.

  32. Fong, May 30, 2012:

    I am also OBSESSED with Criminal Minds and am so shocked when I talk to people that don’t know what that show is!

  33. Jodi, July 26, 2012:

    Obsessed as well – but just look at Shemar, how can you not be!! Yes, please come to Greenville, SC. I am hoping to see you in NC.

  34. Andrea, October 13, 2012:

    Love love love criminal minds. Love Penelope and Morgan (aka my black boyfriend). I’m not impressed with the new girl character but hopefully I’ll grow to like her. What are your thoughts?

  35. Octavia, November 19, 2012:

    If you really like all those shows you need to check out Final Witness…great crime show from a unique perspective! Love your work gurl, from one 30ish Latina to another.

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