“Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt

Remember this quote as you scroll through Instagram, Facebook or anything where someone shows you the best things of their life. Be careful, comparison can catch you off guard. I can be having a great day—as happy as can be #Blessed. And then after scrolling through Instagram, all of a sudden I feel like I’ve lost some of the wind in my sails. I start thinking about where I want to be instated of being content with where I am. Does that ever happen to you? All of a sudden you realize you’ve never been on a fancy trip #FamilyVaCay. You didn’t have a hot date last night with your man where he spoiled you with roses again #MyManLovesMe. And you definitely don’t look like that one fitness chick #CleanEating #WorkHard.

I’ve been thinking a lot about social media and how it can affect our spirit. Listen when I tell you that your journey is your own, specially tailored for you and nobody can take that from you. There are so many special gifts along the road waiting for you and only you. When you look at what other people have and start comparing it to what you have, you may start to devalue something that is actually pretty special. It’s special because it’s specifically for you at this point in your life.

Maybe that “thing” someone has is a husband or a wife, well enjoy your single-hood now. Enjoy making your own decisions in life, because when you bring in a partner you have to learn to compromise and that ain’t easy! Maybe that “thing” is a baby. Enjoy your sleep now because from what I hear you don’t get much of that when you have kids. Or perhaps that thing someone has is success. My husband and I talk about this often—you need to define success before you pursue it. If you don’t, you’ll end up never feeling satisfied or proud of yourself, because someone will ALWAYS have a bigger better victory than you. So, if you define success as losing 5 lbs, and you succeed at losing the 5lbs, then you win! And when you find out your friend lost 15 lbs, you don’t have to compare yourself to them—you can celebrate them. Because you both succeeded. Imagine running a race but constantly looking at the lanes to your left and your right. That’s going to slow you down. Distract you from your goal. Keep your eye on the prize. Really, the only person you’re competing against is yourself. So, go as fast as you want, as slow as you want and take as many water breaks as you want. Just keep your head up and focused on your own lane so you don’t miss out on the gifts God places in your path.

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  1. Missy, August 19, 2014:

    I love, love, love this! Be you. Celebrate you. Be the best you that you can be!

  2. Michelle S., August 19, 2014:

    Thanks for opening my eyes! You have given me the answer to why every time I go on social media I get depressed afterwards. I am blessed. I am thankful for every blessing God has given me. Thanks for this Anjelah! You are the best!

  3. Jennette, August 19, 2014:

    I love this! This is so true, thank you for the uplifting, encouraging words and reminder.

  4. Mrz. Torrez, August 19, 2014:


  5. T. Vazquez, August 20, 2014:

    I have to say that it’s hard to believe this even happens to you. At the end of the day, we all are just simple Humans. Who need to love and respect each other. Thanks for sharing your important thoughts.

  6. Lindsey, August 20, 2014:

    I needed this today! Thank you! #blessed

  7. Cigi Guz, August 20, 2014:

    So beautiful Anjelah — you nailed it. Thank you for being such a bright light to so many.

  8. Cigi Guz, August 20, 2014:

    You #nailed it with this message Anjelah. Love you. Thank you for being such a bright light : )


  9. Emily Lauren, August 20, 2014:

    I think I might be that person who makes others feel depressed…because I’m always posting the best stuff of my life: My Lord, my Bible, FOOD, some healthy lifestyle pics….but let me tell you all! Life isn’t perfect, not even for those who have something to celebrate everyday. But OUR GOD is perfect, and if we rest in His promises every single day, there will be no need to worry about other people’s lives. Scroll through your news feed and find someone who’s better than you – then celebrate with them! Because God gave them that temporary blessing. You’ll find yourself walking away from social media in a whole new light, seeing everything through God’s eyes rather than your own! 🙂

  10. Monica, August 20, 2014:

    You have no idea how much I needed to read this. I have been struggling really hard with my self-worth, the last two years. To the point of darkness. And slowly since the passing of Robin Williams,(he was one of my favorite people in this world)? I have been looking back at how I have been treating myself. Always! And I mean always comparing myself to others. And looking at what I have accomplished and lived through in my life and putting it down as as it wasn’t worthy of a silly social website. All I can do is keep looking forward and surround myself with good people and positive energy and of course prayer. Thanks Angie. I am blessed. Blessed also to have read these wise words. Thanks sista. With love Moni G.

  11. Heather M, August 20, 2014:

    I needed this, thank you! Can’t wait to see your show in October!

  12. Ruth, August 20, 2014:

    Wow! So true, thanks Anjelah, I thank God for your life, love ya!

  13. Edelweiss, August 20, 2014:

    Absolutely true! What a great reminder for all of us! Thank you for the inspiration and for sharing your gift of laughter! You never fail to make me laugh! 🙂 San Diego misses you!!! Take care & God Bless!!!

  14. Margaret, August 21, 2014:

    You are such an inspiration 🙂 I love your comedy and your wisdom. This post is right on time – so many of my young sisters are always comparing themselves to others on ‘the gram.’ I’ll def share this.

  15. Valerie, August 21, 2014:

    (With a lump in my throat and tears welling up in my eyes) Usually you make me laugh, but today you made me think, and I just want to say Thank You! This post came at the perfect time…God’s time. Keep on keeping on, girl!

  16. Linda, August 21, 2014:

    Beautiful words!!

  17. Cindy, August 23, 2014:

    Love you Anjelah girl. When are you coming to N.C.? We’d love to see you in person.

  18. Nathalie, August 26, 2014:

    AMEN! Dito to what people said! Love you Anjelah! Continue sharing what He has blessed you with! Powerful!

  19. Joseph.A, August 27, 2014:

    This was a rejuvinating message Anjelah. Thank you DEEPLY. we miss you!

  20. Alma Moreno, August 28, 2014:

    When are you coming to Nashville?

  21. Tiffany, August 30, 2014:

    Read this at the perfect time! The Lord totally used this!

  22. Tiffany, August 30, 2014:

    PS — This is Tiffany Roney, the girl who sometimes posts little questions or comments to you on Facebook 🙂

  23. jovita olguin, August 31, 2014:

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  24. Marc Ball, September 1, 2014:

    I am soooooo excited to see you on 12-14. I am a huge fan! I got my shirt from your website. I am gonna shout out ” I love you Anjelah”. I hope to get the response “thank you for coming Marc Ball”. I hope I get to tape it. I also help for a backstage pass.I am coming all by my self. I know this is far fetched but your comdy is awesome. I would love to meet you. You are funny as heaven!

  25. Carrie Savage, September 5, 2014:

    I first saw Angela years ago on You tube, and laughed till I was about to pass out from lack of air. I never forgot. Just now I’m dealing with another Broken Dream after so many, but this one, I thought was all God’s so it’s really hard to take. (Moved all the way from Los Angeles where I had a career as a voice actress, although not as lucrative as I would have liked, to NY to go back to school at a certain well known school to find that I now don’t have the money to go to year two… Any how.. I had to tell them today and I could not stop crying so I decided I needed to watch comedy to get my mind out of this so sad of a place.. so I looked up Angela and watched al the videos I could find. You are one hilarious lady! Thank you so much for making me laugh! And you’re “quote” today Ironically, so fits my situation! “Nothing is waisted when it’s shared with me. I can bring beauty out of the ashes of lost dreams” we’ll see my father God!

  26. Jennifer Prescott, September 7, 2014:

    Anjelah, PLEASE come to Ottawa, Ontario for a show! It will be a packed house for sure.

  27. Debbie Paul, September 10, 2014:

    Please come to the Denver Improv. We would love to see you here in Denver Colorado!

  28. anabelle, September 15, 2014:

    Just watched mom’s night out! You and your husband were amazing! Great stuff!

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  30. Shantae Salazar, October 9, 2014:

    How come you are not coming to new mexico for your new tour? I missed your last two and I have been saving for months just to go to your show. But now I found out you’re not even coming. 🙁

  31. Lisa Johnson, October 11, 2014:

    So excited for your show tonight at Redding Civic Auditorium!! I hope you will be selling the “Original Chola” shirts. If you have time go walk on our Sundial Bridge while you are here, it’s so beautiful. See you tonight “Honay”!!!

  32. Darlene Manes, October 12, 2014:

    Hey Bro. You need some XXL women’s and men’s shirts. Big people love you too LOL

  33. Ana, October 18, 2014:

    Hi..umm..I noticed you’re not coming to Chicago! What’s up with that? My friends and I absolutely love you!! You’re like family!!

  34. Gary, October 19, 2014:

    what was the name for the warm up comedian for your Baton Rouge,LA show on Sat 10/18/14?

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  37. Fabie, October 30, 2014:

    Hi Anjelah. Me and my little sister we are OBSESSED with you and we LOVE you. I’m trying to get my sister tickets for your show in Miami, FL for her birthday but they are all sold out. I’ve never been able to get her anything, I really want to surprise her. PLEASE HELP.

  38. amber franklin, November 14, 2014:

    Hey anjelah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would love to see you in Nebraska!!!!!!! I can’t travel too far and would love to see u live!

  39. Kerri, November 16, 2014:

    Great show last night Anjelah it was Epic…. Hope to see you again in So. Cal I was the girl a very big fan of you that yelled I love you Anjelah on the last moments on the stage. Front 4 rows in.
    Kerri What da Fut…..

  40. mark graham, November 19, 2014:

    I’m a 55 yr old male…not the normal target group.Saw her show on netflix…laughed so hard I thought I would pop.Not 1 curse word,no hostility,great energy.It can be done.She prove’s it.IT don’t go to shows much any more…but my wife and I will go when she comes to Houston.
    Thanks so much Anjelah

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  43. Yvonne nicolay, December 28, 2014:

    I love your comedy. I am from orange county,ca. But moved to Portland, or/vancouver, wa. It was huge culture shock here! Too “white” and no one used Spanish in everyday language. Anyway, i relate to your humor.
    I am deaf. I am a professor at Portland State Univ. I wud like to request you caption your videos so i dont have to hire an interpreter to watch ure videos. And if u need more material, come to Portland, it really is weird here and will give u new material for future jokes adding the lack of culture to your jokes.
    Thank you so much for the joy you bring. God Bless You and your crew.

  44. Yvonne nicolay, December 28, 2014:

    I should correct myself. Portland,or has an International Culture. Not a strong Spanish/Mexican and black culture. Now days those 2 specific cultures are growing but the are smaller than Calif. Here it is more mixed due to International students and people here. But still will give u fodder for your jokes.

  45. Yvonne nicolay, December 28, 2014:

    Oh boy, I need correct myself again. I mean African American culture. In deaf culture we tend to sign “black” culture. But, i know hearing culture uses African American. Sorry for wring usage of words. I not mean to be rude. Wow! I better stop now.

  46. Gabriel, December 29, 2014:

    4realz why r u not doing a show in the tone? 210, San Antonio Tx. Smh!!! Make 1 show & see if it don’t sale out,, might make u open another show…. ijs show us some love

  47. alyssa ross, January 17, 2015:

    i love watching your videos, my two sons also think you are hilarious. i enjoy the fact that you are the most family oriented comedian i could find on youtube. you are such an inspiration to everyone and you are so gorgeous. thank you for all the laughs.

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  49. Dennisa Bumgardner, June 29, 2015:

    Hey Anj, I really just wanted to say THANK YOU! Thanks again for partnering with BLOOM and being such an encouragement to Spiff and all of the #BLOOMbabes!!! You inspire so many people by the way that you live your life and honor God in the limelight. I know that isn’t an easy thing to do. I appreciate your honesty in this post as well as on the panel at BLOOM! It really encourages me during such an uncertain and insecure time in my life. I think we all fall into the comparison trap and can easily be entangled by the nets of insecurity. It helps to know I’m not alone in this battle and that even people who I see as successful struggle with the same things I do. I am praying for continued favor on your life, career, marriage and family! Can’t wait to see you again next year at BLOOM!

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