Blessing and a Curse

You’ve heard the saying, “It’s a blessing and a curse.” Or maybe you haven’t. Either way, it’s a thing that a lot of people say. Lots of things are blessings and curses. Like Chocolate cake. Oh, what a blessing it is while you’re eating it but what a curse it is when it makes it’s way to your waist and takes the shape of a spare tire. Fame, that’s a good one. What a blessing it is for people to know your work and be a fan of it to the point where they would simply want a picture with you to make their day. What a curse when you’re fresh out of the gym looking disgusting as ever having a bite to eat with some friends and someone rudely sticks a camera in your face and snaps a picture of you mid bite (and i’m only Youtube famous, I can’t imagine what it’s like being regular famous). How about having money? What a blessing it is to not have to worry about how you are going to make your rent this month, but what a curse it is when people begin to use you for it. Or when you begin to put more trust and faith in your money than you put in God, the provider of it all. We have a choice to focus on the blessing or focus on the curse in any situation. I feel like the more you focus on negativity the more you breed negativity. You put one negative thought with another negative thought, they get together, have a few drinks and next thing your know they made a baby negative thought. But isn’t it funny how it’s so much easier to look at the negative? For instance when you wake up late, stub your toe on the way out the door, get stuck in traffic and for some reason everyone wants to call you at the same time so your phone won’t stop going off. It’s easy in that moment to get frustrated. It takes work to stop, breathe and say, “thank God I have a bunch of people calling me and I’m not lonely like so many are. Thank God I woke up at all today and have another chance to show my family and friends I love them. Thank God i’m sitting in traffic and not the one who caused the traffic by being in an accident.” I’m going to challenge myself to focus on the positive so that I can breed positivity in my life. The struggle is real y’all but we can do it! What’s something in your life that you can choose to focus on the blessing instead of the curse? Eat yo chocolate cake girl! Just eat it in moderation so there will be no spare tire in the equation.




  1. Angel Garcia, June 5, 2014:

    Angel (me) needed to hear that today. thanks 🙂

  2. Ann, June 5, 2014:

    That is awesome. So many people rush through life complaining about all the things wrong in their life or the world without enjoying the amazing lives we were given to live by God. I loved reading this. Thank you.

  3. Isaac Watts, June 5, 2014:

    This is exactly what people need to hear right now. it seems like there have been a rash of famous people talking about how its hard to be famous lately in the news. I get that it is not all perfect, but if we all truly focused on the blessings in our lives things would look so differently throughout our day, and think of the difference in how we would treat each other! If I look at everyone through a “Love Lens” then I would start to see as God does and respond in kind. Thanks for your words and your work Anjelah. You bring joy and laughter to so many, and you are a great role model as well.

  4. Hilda Vazquez, June 5, 2014:

    Girl, you are more than YouTube famous, but that made me LOL! Anyway, it’s great that you’re so down to earth and have such a strong faith. I admire you for that. Stay funny and sweet and keep spreading the good word.

    Much love,

  5. Yvonne Castro, June 5, 2014:

    That was amazingly on point. And much needed to hear. Thank you and Thank god 😉

  6. Cali, June 5, 2014:

    I work in retail and anytime someone gets uber cranky I can’t help but think…you never know. ..maybe the person in line in front of you just saved your life. We keep hearing about accidents and people being in the wrong place at the wrong time. So it may be the the guy digging in his backpack for the change he “knows he has” halted your day long enough that you were not at the corner crossing the street when that truck ran a red light. Easy to be annoyed…harder to just BE.

  7. Cindy Harrington, June 5, 2014:

    Thank you so much for writing this. It was very much needed for me. It can be so hard to focus on the positive things when there is so much negativity everywhere, all around me. I have to CHOOSE to think about the positive, and count my blessings. I know my life could be so much worse but I don’t always look at it that way. God,help me (help us all!) be more aware of the good things that are always there. I want to look for the good things, not the bad. ☺

  8. Angela Cigler, June 5, 2014:

    Good word sista!

  9. Ms. Cordova, June 5, 2014:

    So true!I think I will try and do the same, think on the positive and some chocolate cake as my reward! 😉 Good advice Anj

  10. Amanda in Merced CA, June 5, 2014:

    Thanks for the great reminder!! I was just married last Saturday and we keep talking about moving forward with lots of positivity!! You wouldn’t believe how much people want to share about their bad marriages instead of congratulating us! Weird! But we want positivity in our lives so this was perfect!

  11. Vera Kelly, June 6, 2014:

    Loving your new blog but please reconsider the dark background. I find it difficult to read.

  12. Maricela Robles, June 6, 2014:

    Hi! Actually today I thought to myself that food is evil! Terrible and yes a curse…because the things that are soooo delicious and we love makes us FAT and unhappy. I think eating theses things we love is not worth it…Sometimes I just want to put tape in my mouth… But I won’t lol. Have a great day, I will try to control my antojos! And PLEASE get an instagram account!!!’ I don’t have Facebook! Love, PInkrosy21

  13. Brenda, June 6, 2014:

    Love the blog and this post. Thanks for sharing from your heart girl. I have to agree with someone else who stated the background is too dark and a little difficult to read. But keep blogging, huge fan! Blessings!

  14. Michelle, June 6, 2014:

    Something I needed to hear. For me its work. I cannot stand management but thank God I have a job.

  15. Bob Farrell, June 6, 2014:

    A mixed blessing is getting a kidney from a bed-wetter.-Bob Smiley. I love the blog post.

  16. Obehi, June 10, 2014:

    Yes! Praise God for this word.

  17. Xochitl Macias, June 11, 2014:

    Thanks! Thats what imma try!

  18. Teresa, June 12, 2014:

    Still waiting for you to come back to Chicago….

  19. Robin, June 13, 2014:

    Why you no lye Atlanta?
    Why you no come here?

    Bought a T-shirt? Love it!

  20. Teresa, June 20, 2014:

    Chicago…. Chicago……Chicago……..please come back to Chicago……

  21. Roxanne Lumanlan, June 26, 2014:

    When r u gonna do a show in HAWAII? My kids LOVE your show on Netflix and want to come to see u LIVE.

  22. Georgina, June 26, 2014:

    Beautiful and inspirational,that quote just made my day brighter ,just to be more positive also. But I definitely would love for you to come to El Paso ,TX. I would love to bring my family and friends to one of your shows because we can really relate to you and your extremely funny,hope you come this way soon. XOXO

  23. Teresa, July 1, 2014:

    O.K. I’m trying as much as possible to get you back to Chicago. Here I go …….You are being hypnotized,,,,, You have this strange feeling like you want to be in Chicago….. You NEED to perform in Chicago again…… It’s so weird but you have this unrelenting desire to go to …..yup …..CHICAGO…. O.K. that’s enough brainwashing for now, but if this doesn’t work I’m gonna have to start to get persistent . ( and annoying)

  24. Jana Inman, July 20, 2014:

    My sis & I LOVE your comedy & movies!!! Please come to the Nashville area!! God bless you

  25. Joselyn, July 28, 2014:

    i went to your show in fort lauderdale last night and i must say that what you just wrote about a blessing and a curse has really hit home i have been going through a lot and sometimes i forget to stop concentrating on the negative and just see things as a blessing…. like you stated on your signature Phil 4:13 i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Sometimes its small little things like this that makes the biggest difference and just wanted to say thank you for putting things back into perspective for me.,.. P.S. I had an amazing time at the Show Last Night Your amazing!

  26. Natalia J Cervantes, August 12, 2014:

    You are a true inspiration to Mexican-American (chicanas). To be able to express where they’ve been from to where they are going! I can truly relate to your brother cause I’m the Mexicana nail tech and bartender in how can I say in the “Negro Vida” and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  27. Kelli, August 15, 2014:

    Come to Arizona!!!!

  28. oneinamillion, August 20, 2014:

    Thanks I needed to hear that today.

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