Bon Qui Qui Releases FULL album with Warner Music!

Bon-Qui-Qui-Gold-Plated-Dreams-album-cover[1]So here’s what happened, this record label named Warner Brothers Records heard Bon Qui Qui’s single, “I’m A Cut You” and offered her a record deal! Low and behold, we have Gold Plated Dreams!

I still can’t believe that I…I mean she, has a record deal at a major label and actually released a full album. I’ll be honest, I was ready to let this character die on the internet because I was just done with her. I got all “artsy” on myself and was like, (in Shakespeare/thespian/snobby voice) “I’m an artist. I am more than this one character! I have many leather bound books!”  blah blah blah. Then I had to stop and think about why I’m doing what I’m doing. Is it just for me and my own happiness? Or do I do what I do because I love to make people laugh and bring them joy? 

This career that I have is bigger than me. I feel that I have been called into this industry to bring love, laughter and joy to people! If Bon Qui Qui is doing just that, who am I to pull the plug on her because I feel I have something to prove? Who am I trying to prove it to? Haters? Other comedians? Other actors? People with clout? I decided that I didn’t need to prove anything to anyone. I just needed to commit to this gift that I’ve been given and follow through on what ever I feel God has put on my path in this journey called life.

I am so HONORED that I get to be Bon Qui Qui. Although the inspiration for this character is misunderstood at times, her only reason for existing is to make people laugh while pointing out that we all have a little bit of attitude in us regardless of what neighborhood we’re from.

So go on iTunes or Google Play Store and download Bon Qui Qui’s very first comedic Hip Hop album, #GoldPlatedDreams! Check out Bon Qui Qui on Instagram: @RealBonQuiQui, Facebook: Bon Qui Qui,  Twitter @RealBonQuiQui and her website


  1. Kimberly (From the Block)McMillan, January 26, 2015:

    If there was No Bon Qui Qui,how would the world know the wonderful talent of Anjegla from the block,Thank You for making us Laugh “CHOLO”.Love you like a Rock Star…I would never “Cut You”.

  2. Cindy (from the block), January 26, 2015:

    Seriously, that bit is hilarious. You have made thousands of people laugh and get joy from it. It’s not mean spirited, and if people don’t know characters like that, I think they live a sheltered life. They are out there! Love everything you create, and always looking forward to hearing new material from you! God Bless!

  3. Yvonne, January 26, 2015:

    Bon Qui Qui makes us laugh at ourselves. At our own laziness (You’ll have a Coke.), at our own ability to go from 0-60 in 2.2 seconds(Sir, she tried to fight me.), and at our own tendency to not listen sometimes (Did you not see me put my order in??)We love her/us despite herself/ourselves! =)

    I think Bon Qui Qui should take a trip to Beautiful Nail. THAT would be epic. Can you imagine what she would say when asked, “How ya Mom?”

    God Bless you Anjelah! XOXO

  4. Nancy, January 26, 2015:

    girl, La Qui Qui has material to go on and on. She be representing all Cholas and Latinas in general. We love her!!

  5. lindsy, January 27, 2015:

    Can you please do a show in Tampa FL? !?!

  6. Patti Brown, January 27, 2015:

    Bon Qui Qui~Yo mama, you’s my homegrrl. Thank God and Baby Jesus that Anjelah Johnson chick did not let you die..Did you hear wat she sed ’bout You?! RUU~I will alwayz be down wit’chu Cholíta. You are the Funniest most beautiful, most Fa’REAL womanz on da PLANET. #realtalk #bonquiqui4evah

  7. Jeanine, January 27, 2015:

    Thank you! I saw you in Pensacola when you first told us that Warner Bros made the oh so smart decision about BQQ, that Mad TV I’m sure is stabbing themselves in the eye over and me and my bff couldn’t be happier!! BQQ has gotten us through so many rough patches and hardships. So many drunk nights and sober! She has brought humor to our lives when we needed it most. We quote her daily, and that “her” is you! God bless you for being who you are because of what you’ve seen and know. Characters like this are created by legends like Jim Carey did with so many and you are too! You are stuck on me for life no matter who you choose to be in the days to come! Congrats and keep on making people laugh! It’s your calling… But then, have a baby for us please :) lol sorry had to add that in I waited 13 years to have my son and you can too!

  8. Lisa, January 27, 2015:

    Glad you changed your mind because I bet you money the following has happened…someone sees/hears about Bon Qui Qui, watches the video on you tube, searches for more info about her/you, discovers all your other brilliant comedy, watches all of your other shows/videos,searches more and learns about your love story with Manwell, who also happens to be the other half of a wonderful Christian couple who proclaim their faith. The person who may have found you through Bon Qui Qui may *just* find their way to Jesus through you. Keep it up girl, it’s all part of the story He has written for you! :)

  9. alex ybarra, January 27, 2015:

    Oh my gosh your show in Corpus was amazing!! I can’t believe you know my uncle!!

  10. Araceli, January 27, 2015:

    When are you coming to Chicago????

  11. Lisa, January 27, 2015:

    Angela, from the first time I saw one of your shows on Netflix, I knew you were my favorite comedian. I avoid stand up because everyone thinks they have to swear. You are so funny and multi-faceted. Thank you for being so great. Blessings, Lisa B.

  12. Lisa B., January 27, 2015:

    Two different Lisa posts above.

  13. Angela, January 27, 2015:

    Girl, I’m loving “Gold Plated Dreams”! Yes, honey, I preordered! You and Bon Qui Qui make me laugh and bring out my inner thug! Keep on keeping on! So glad she not dead!!!

  14. Angela, January 27, 2015:

    Girl, I’m loving “Gold Plated Dreams”! Yes, honey, I preordered! You and Bon Qui Qui make me laugh and bring out my inner thug! Keep on keeping on! So glad she not dead!!!

  15. Angela, January 27, 2015:

    My comment was so good it posted twice! Look girl, my home slice and I were talking and we think there should be some Bon Qui Qui emojis. lol

  16. Martha, January 27, 2015:

    Hey Anjelah, when are you coming to Minnesota?

  17. Breanna, February 10, 2015:

    gurl bon qui qui is funny i’ma cut u lol lmao

  18. Karen, February 22, 2015:

    You`re Coming To Phoenix In July After My 20th Birthday & It Says The Shows 21+ But Wth I Love You So I`m Gonna Try To Get Into The Show Anyways ! See You Then !

  19. charla, February 27, 2015:

    !!!!!COME TO SEATTLE!!!!!

  20. Miguel Garay, March 1, 2015:

    are you planning any tours for around Orlando Florida?

  21. Deborah, March 2, 2015:

    You need to come to the east coast! Im in WV so come a little closer this way. I would love to see you in person at a show!

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